Clouds of Sils Maria


Were you engrossed, baffled, intrigued, annoyed, impressed . . .? A New Yorker review * concedes the film is disorienting enough to ‘send many viewers reeling’ but points out that it’s about acting, where the boundaries between what is real and what is not are blurred. Moreover, it’s about a star who has to return from mountain hikes to the unreal world of the celebrity, a world now speeded up by mobile phones, Skype and googling. Quite a while since a movie had characters reaching so frequently and desperately for cigarettes; did Philip Morris help fund it? Were the famous clouds tobacco smoke? A great depiction of the generation gap when Juliette Binoche cannot believe her young PA (Kristen Stewart) takes the sci-fi film seriously. But equally hard to take seriously the clunky-sounding play Binoche agonises about. Your thoughts? *

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  1. Jill Dent September 24, 2015 at 5:19 pm #

    The wordy, confusing and unfocused discussion in the evening was actually a bit of a downer after the high inspiration of the afternoon’s heartfelt stories about dementia and the diverse suggestions of stimuli to help both carers and ‘carees’. Many a tear was shed.
    Three local productions, a gentle documentary by Griffith University students set in Japan (in a mountain village of charming eccentrics, reminiscent of the magic of Maleny), and the motivational US feature ‘Alive Inside’ have between them sparked off huge future efforts in Maleny – not in film-making, but in caring for dementia sufferers in our street-midst and our local care centres. I have heard only one negative comment: ‘I will never go near that sort of thing again’ – a strong denial; outweighed by many positive plans – among them a local volunteer carer who is determined to utilise recording machines and headphones already donated by Maleny Rotary, battle through access to music based on personal interviews (lots of work, lots of people, lots of volunteer time) – so the MFS has achieved that much with one special matinee. It was an expensive undertaking, but well worth the community capital spent in the future. The large crowd (including many who had travelled far) was evidence that people do care! Jill .

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