Last Cab to Darwin


It was a full house for this movie and understandably so. Michael Caton, one of Australia’s best-loved actors, invests his Broken Hill taxi driver with laid-back charm and quiet dignity. Jacki Weaver’s crusading doctor becomes a more morally ambiguous character as things proceed. Mark Coles Smith brings energy and charisma to the role of the feckless Tilly. The film comfortably deploys familiar road movie conventions and why not, this is a feel-good film after all. Even the dog gets a reprieve. Feral cats won’t like it but they probably won’t see it. The script manages to avoid offending either side of the debate about euthanasia. I don’t much like the idea of tapping the space bar on a computer keyboard to end it all. Not unless you have a cold beer in your other hand and a nice view of the sun going down.

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