Members-Only Screenings

Feast on Films for Free

Enjoy our Members-Only Screenings in the cosy atmosphere of the Verandah Room at the back of the Community Centre, where tea, coffee, and a cash bar are available.  They take place on the first Wednesday evening of the month (except January), and on four Sunday afternoons spread across the year. 

The films are diverse in subject, country of origin, genre, and vintage.  Each year our members nominate several themes or perspectives and choose films which are good examples of them.  While some films are recent releases, you will enjoy catching up with films you missed at the cinema or wish to see again.  Like good books, good films can be worth re-visiting.

Our Themes for 2021

Our films fall under one of the four  themes listed below. Each film is introduced by the member who chose it, giving some context and hints about what to look for in order to gain a fuller appreciation of the film.  If you wish, join the informal discussion afterwards to share your thoughts over a cuppa or glass of wine.

Focus on Screenplay

When deciding whether to see a play, we are usually more interested in who wrote a play, the Playwright, than the Director but when deciding whether to see a film, we are usually more interested in who directed a film than the Screenwriter. Yet Hitchcock famously quipped: “to make a great film you need three things – the script, the script, and the script”. Four films bookending our 2021 program give examples of the diverse work of four great US screenwriters over four decades and offer members opportunities to informally share their thoughts about them over refreshments after the movie.

Films Adapted from Novels

Film adaptations of familiar literary works can easily inspire controversy, as each medium has its own requirements, innovations and conventions. Will the filmmaker be able to include all the major story points? Will the actors portraying the well-loved characters look similar to their descriptions in words? Will the emotions of the novel (often internalised thought) provide sufficient action to satisfy some viewers? 

International Film

A selection of international films. Powerful dramas from Colombia, Poland and Palestine, as well as a dramatic documentary from Syria, combine to offer you a sampling of some of the best in international cinema. Also included in our mix is the quirky American film (Lucky) which we’ve carried over from our 2020 program, due to the interruption caused by Covid 19.

Award-Winning Visual Effects

A selection of three movies showcasing the best of visual effects in their respective eras from the 1940s through to the 21st century.  These Academy Award-winning films (special/visual effects) will allow us to experience the evolving sophistication of visual effects in film-making.

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