Who knew there were Estonians living in Georgia when civil war broke out there following the break-up of the Soviet Union? It makes for a scenario that is wonderfully simple and charged with dramatic tension, yet still plausible, as an old Estonian takes into his house two wounded fighters from opposite sides of the conflict. The theme of enemies finding their common humanity informs Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner and the member’s-only screening My Beautiful Country as well Far From Men, coming up in October. In Tangerines the orchard of unpicked fruit provides a good metaphor for the waste of war. It should be seen by all the young men in the world so eager to pick up an AK-47 though of course it won’t be. Then again, the ‘message’ is perhaps a little simplistic. Combatants removed from a conflict may learn that their mutual hatred is pointless. That does not address the economic and political circumstances which led to war. What do you think?

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