The Invisible Woman

Evening: 7.15pm (doors open 6pm)
In collaboration with Celebration of Books
Tickets –
UK/US – romance/drama – M – 111 mins
Director: Ralph Fiennes
Writers: Abi Morgan (screenplay), Claire Tomalin (book)
Stars: Ralph Fiennes, Felicity Jones, Kristin Scott Thomas

Ralph Fiennes plays Charles Dickens in this adaptation of Claire Tomalin’s pioneering investigative biography of Dickens’s secret lover, Nelly Ternan, Felicity Jones plays Ternan, first seen as a lone, cloaked figure striding across the beach, boiling with memories, and then in flashback as the teenage thespian whose delicate beauty and heartbreaking professional uncertainty bewitch the conceited Dickens at the height of his celebrity. Joanna Scanlan gives a shrewd and sensitive performance as Dickens’s neglected wife Catherine, and Kristin Scott Thomas plays Nelly’s mother, complicit in the affair. Dickens is portrayed as a complex figure: a showman, an egotist and an applauseaddict whose lovers and children were his enablers, but also a genuine artist and social idealist. This is an engrossing drama, with excellent performances and tremendous design by Maria Djurkovic. Dickens’s relationship to the theatre world, rarely explored on screen, is a major asset.

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